Week 7: Huge Progress

Apr 01, 2019

I doubled down on work since I haven’t been making much progress in the previous two weeks. I’ve finished programming an interact function, so the player can pick up and use/throw objects, made safe zones where the enemy AI can’t enter, as well as created the monster AI. All that’s left is for me to add a clown mesh to the enemy, an avatar to my player, and actually design the final level. From there, I’m going to do a bit of debugging and tweaking, mostly with the player and AI. I’ve run into a bug where the camera isn’t rotating properly, so if I turn 180 degrees, I can see right into myself. I also shifted most of my functions from blueprints in the character into macros. However, this resulted in me having to completely restart on my character, which means that I am still currently debugging, as I am trying to combine my previous character with my current character, which will take a bit to resolve.

Here you can see my updated blueprint. As you can see, I’ve made a lot of changes and improvements to the character, including a death animation, a flashlight function, and more. I’ve created an example level that I still need to put lighting into, but once that’s completed, I will have a semi-functioning game that can be played. I do need to make tweaks to the AI tho, as it’s rather dumb right now. I’ll find a way to do that once I’ve sorted out the rest. I’ll need to start compiling audio files too for my game, so there’s a lot to do. Stay tuned!

2 Replies to “Week 7: Huge Progress”

  1. Ms. Jefferson says:

    I’d love to read about how you interact with your internship/mentor. If you have the chance, a video recording of your game thus far would be very fun to watch. I can help you with some free opensource recording tools if you are interested.

    Starting out a game from scratch can feel like it takes ages to get even the simplest things started, but I feel you are making great progress. I’d love to see a demo soon.

  2. Jacob Kang says:

    Super cool game! Looking at your weekly blogs, I can see that constructing a game from scratch is definitely a much longer process than I had envisioned. Good luck!

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