Week 6: Unblocked and Re-launching

Apr 01, 2019

After a horrible week last week, I have good news:

On Tuesday night, I was granted access to my account once again.

On Wednesday morning, I spent the time creating an ad and launching it

On Thursday morning, I had found out that the ad had not launched so I looked into the Billing section of the Facebook manager and changed the ad budget (because its default was zero). Although my debit card was registered, it seems I had to manually change the ad budget. I spent the remaining amount of work time to looking into Facebook FAQs to see if I can improve the way programs were running.

On Friday, I continued going through the Facebook Blueprint courses and read the book Blue Ocean Strategy. The book also confirmed the information found in the Youtube videos that I have been watching that we need to test as many audiences as possible because there is a lot of untapped customer demand that many people are not accessing.


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