week 7 – getting sick and doing some coding

Mar 31, 2019

Hi again!

I don’t know if reading about how everyone was getting sick somehow got me sick, but this week I was hit with a pretty bad cold and that definitely slowed down my progress. However, I was still able to get a lot of the stuff done in terms of the database and the general coding.

I was able to create the template for the website, and I spent a day or so brushing up on Python so that I could get all the information that I wanted onto the website, and so that I could format it the way I wanted.

After doing that, I started using what knowledge I had of SQL from my Capstone Data Structures class to create a table that will later contain all of the officers’ information, as well as the various columns that that table will contain, like ID number, first name, last name, state, victim information, type of crime, sentence length, etc.

My only tasks now are actually filling up the table with the officer information, which I’ll probably be getting from Professor Stinson’s website, and moving all of that information to a cloud so that it can be accessed by everyone, rather than only being available on my computer. I also plan to include a feature on the site where admins can submit new cases in a form, and the cases will be immediately added to the database. I’ll probably also include a search feature where the officers can either be found by name/ID or by state. All of this, though, will be coming in the near future.

This week has definitely been a little boring and mostly dummy work, but hopefully whatever the next few weeks bring will be more exciting and eventful. I’ll be back soon with more updates!

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  1. Rithvik A. says:

    I hope you feel better! Great work with the coding, by the way.

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