Week 6: Data Collection is Complete!

Mar 31, 2019

In this past week, I finished working with all dancers and now have 1600 data points to analyze…In doing so, I will work with both my mentors and decide the best way to organize the data. As for working on the final paper, due to the fact that I was collecting data, I did not dedicate as much time to working on the paper. My goal for this coming week is to get back on schedule with completing the paper. Lastly, I worked with the Alzheimer’s Association during the week and prepared for the national forum. The Alzheimer’s Association agreed to publish an article on the study!

Before I finish this summary of the week’s work, I would like to thank Ms. McLean for allowing me to use her classes for the negative control group of my project. I look forward to an exciting week, asĀ  fMRI scans should start after I return from Washington D.C.

Until next week,


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