Week 6: A bit boring, but relaxing data entry

Mar 31, 2019

I only went in one day this week, and it was fairly uneventful, as Rachel wasn’t there. I finished up work on my mini experiment spreadsheet, and I spent the whole time entering data on procedures into a website that compiles everything that the lab has done on any animals. There’s data on procedures on birds, fish, and even some whales. It’s honestly really cool and it’s awesome seeing the reach of the UCSC database. Just the elephant seal category is huge. But I entered a ton of sheets from procedures late last year and this year into the database. It was relaxing. I also worked on my video, read a bunch of the textbook I’m reading for my project, and some papers. My video is getting really close, maybe a week or two before I can release it. It’ll be quite informative, hopefully, and have some cute videos of seals. That’s all for this week, though.

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  1. Helena Vervoort says:

    That is the great thing about being at a university: people are collaborating on things like that database and you feel you are a small part of something much bigger. Good to be alive, right about now!

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