Week 6

Mar 31, 2019

For this week, I was on vacation. I didn’t do anything related to my project.

April Fools!

Actually, I did a couple of things related to my project this week. First, I continued working on the machine learning course, with the current topic being neural networks.

Also, based on some discussions with my advisors, I am looking at data sets from those who have done previous research on using machine learning to predict student performance. I am hoping to use these data sets in Weka and replicate past results, which will give information on how my algorithms would perform on new data sets.

This is particularly important because I talked to a district principal and he said that he found out he was unable to provide the data set from the local schools. Fortunately however, I have found some other data sets I can use.

2 Replies to “Week 6”

  1. Savinay C. says:

    It’s really cool that you reached out to a district principal for your project!

  2. Ivana B says:

    I am glad to see you found datasets. Everything else will hopefully fall into place now.

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