Shapes and Space

Mar 31, 2019

Welcome to Week 6!

My relatives came over from Oregon, so every day this week was like a new adventure. There were 13 people in our 3 bedroom house! I slept, worked, and ate on the floor of the living room hahaha :,). It was very fun though because we visited Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Big Sur, and had a tour around Facebook’s HQ all in less than a week.

This week I read the second-to-last chapter of Design and Composition by Nathan Goldstein. The chapter discussed the concept of space. Artists have to exercise considerable judgement in where and what they place in the two-dimensional space they are afforded. Space creates a sense of dimensionality when combined with texture and shape. When in combined with color, spatial depth can be created through color gradations. In my mural, I will have to consider where I place the string across the four boards to optimize my space.

Finally, I made some basic shapes on Adobe Illustrator that look pretty cool! I may or may not incorporate some of them into the geometric design of the mural ;).

Goodbye until next week!

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