week six

Mar 26, 2019

Hi guys!

This week I really really started doing stuff. It’s been a bit slow, mainly because of my reading speed with those papers, but real progress is being made here! For the most part, I figured out how to use DESeq and played around with it. It’s what I’ll be using to analyze the data, along with TopHat. TopHat is a software that maps reads (typically genes, but I’ll be focusing on TEs) to the genome. I’m going to start out with genes to familiarize myself with the software, and then will move on to TEs, my main focus.

Bowtie, TopHat, Cufflinks! (and CummeRbund?)


Everything was going really well. Perhaps a little too well. Because everything fell apart right around the time I started with TopHat. You see, TopHat doesn’t have a version available that’s compatible with my OS. So, we’re kind of at a lull in terms of what I can currently do (because I can’t do anything without TopHat). My external mentor talked about getting me a loaner laptop for this project, so I’m excited!

Reading papers is fun! (Still doing it…)

Until my next post!

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  1. Eva P. says:

    Hi Cindy! Sorry about TopHat. Is that what your Yeast laptop is for 😀

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