Week 5: Articles and Coursework

Mar 26, 2019

Hello everyone,

This week wasn’t as interesting as last week but I still got some good progress done. I needed my external advisor to answer some questions in regards to the data but he was quite busy. This meant that there was slow progress on the project itself but I used the time to progress at a faster pace on my course. I learned about things such as the backpropagation algorithm, random initialization, regularization, etc.

Additionally, I had an interesting conversation with a distant relative who specializes in Sleep Medicine. While I was unable to comprehend some jargon, I learned a lot more about the science behind sleep apnea and insomnia. It’s great that I now have another contact that can answer my questions throughout the course of this project.

Similar to many previous weeks, I went on Google Scholar and read articles on OSA and ML.

Thank you,


2 Replies to “Week 5: Articles and Coursework”

  1. Hal A Hansen says:

    Glad to see you’re working through the jargon!

  2. Sahil J. says:

    The research process is like a roller coaster 🙂 Glad to see that you’re getting through some deep, interesting (and somewhat difficult) material in your coursework. Have you picked out a dataset?

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