week 6 – slowing down

Mar 25, 2019

Hi again!

These past few weeks have been super busy for me, filled with coding and transcribing, researching, coding, and then more transcribing.

This week I took a step back and focused more on transcribing my last interview, a project that took up a majority of my time. As promised, here is the transcript of my interview with Deputy Chief Armstrong. The interview was overall extremely helpful, as Deputy Chief Armstrong was able to shed some more light on the extensive hiring and vetting process police officers go through, and what might be the motivating factor behind the violent officer-related incidents we see so often in the media.

Aside from that, I mostly moved away from coding this week, and instead I planned out what I wanted my final database to look like, as well as how I would be able to achieve that. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my database to be more about adaptability rather than expansiveness or amount of information, so I’ve been working on that, and using Professor Stinson’s database as an active resource. I originally planned to show the final database on a website, and I’ve been spending most of the week trying to figure out how I would make that work.

Lastly, I spent some time doing some research on police misconduct, and took a look at the Community Police Review Agency’s pending cases that Rithvik was kind enough to show me. I found a list of complaints that have been alleged against certain officers with pending investigations, and I think this will be a really interesting resource for my final database.

Next week I hope to be able to implement my ideas into my database, and get back into coding. I’ll be back then with more updates!

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  1. Serina K. says:

    Oh my gosh, your transcript’s 10 pages!!

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