Week 5: Working on Classification

Mar 25, 2019

To Fellow Readers:

Welcome back to another Weekly blog for my Senior Project. This week I took a deeper dive into the Classification machine learning models.

I have started to work on a software that will allow users to classify music of which they hear into several categories, including calm, intense, epic, happy, sad, and other emotional categories. This software will first collect data which will then be used to create a Machine Learning model which can continue to classify songs by itself. I look forward to releasing a version of this code that will allow you to help add data points into the system, to generate the most accurate classification model for my final program.

This classification model helps in the final step of my program. The program will first take in parameters from the pictures, such as mood, emotions, and scenery. Then it will choose music based on the category of music, which is the current program that I am working on. When finished, it will help choose the correct songs for the correct mood as represented in the pictures.

Thank you so much again for stopping by and reading my blog, I hope that you that you learned a bit about ML. Hope that you will stop by again next week!

-Ray Lin ._.

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