Week 5: Trouble is (brew)ing

Mar 25, 2019

The first half of my week was spent fiddling with my AlexNet Model. I played around with 2 open source versions on github, one by felzek (https://github.com/felzek/AlexNet-A-Practical-Implementation) and one by huanzhang12(https://github.com/huanzhang12/tensorflow-alexnet-model). Experimenting with the number of nodes in each layer and layer type and such. I was still learning about different layer types, so this was a rather slow process for me.

Trouble struck once I decided I want to use maplotlib to graph some results. When I was first installing python, I had installed two instances of python – 3.7.1 system install, and 3.7.1 Anaconda. The difference between these two is that 3.7.1 is a virtual environment, meaning all python installation files are well-kept inside one location on my computer as compared to a system install which installs python all over the place. Clearly, Anaconda was all I needed, but I didn’t know this as I had very little prior python experience.

The reason this caused issues was because any libraries I downloaded through terminal were downloaded on the system install, but I was processing all my python through Anaconda. Trying to process through my system install left me unable to import tensorflow and due to the spread out nature of the files I was unable to entirely get rid of the system install of 3.7.1 which gave me issues when trying to download libraries for my Anaconda setup. Overall this was just a very large headache, and I wasn’t able to get it solved by the end of the week. As this experience taught me, software version issues and the like are commonplace in this environment, as unfortunate as it is.

2 Replies to “Week 5: Trouble is (brew)ing”

  1. Aarushi N. says:

    I think the easiest way might just be to delete Python as a whole and then getting Anaconda again, but that does seem like a waste of time, especially when you already have the libraries ready to go.

    1. Travis S. says:

      I actually tried multiple times to no avail, but got it figured out eventually (speaking from the future).

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