Week 5 – Goodbye, Jazz Dancers

Mar 25, 2019

During this past week, I collected data and worked with the Alzheimer’s Association. I am happy to say that data collection from dancers is 75% complete, and in this next week, I will finish a majority of the negative control’s data with the help of Ms. McLean.

Between traveling to five dance studios and completing other work (college classes, a separate internship, etc.), I felt like I was and continue to be on a hamster wheel. But, I am happy with the progress so far, and can’t wait to present my findings in six weeks! Wow, time flies by….

Data Collection

Data from the jazz dancers was completed, resulting in 400 data points (25 dancers over 4 weeks, each doing 4 games). Organizing through this data will start next week with the help of both of my mentors. I wish I could say that there will only be 400 data points, but I still have to finish data collection from ballet, Bollywood, and Kpop dancers. So, I’m expecting about 1600 data points in total. As for trends in the data so far, I am seeing a dramatic improvement with performance on each of the tests. Also, I recently started researching the science behind Lumosity to learn more about my results. Lastly, fMRI scans should start in about two weeks, and I am so excited!

Alzheimer’s Association

Initially, I thought my work with the Alzheimer’s Association would be completely separate from my senior project, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to somehow incorporate Alzheimer’s with dance! I did talk with Congressman Ro Khanna, and I am excited about the future directions of my involvement with this organization and the possibility of sharing my results.


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  1. Ms. McLean says:

    So cool the fMRIs are going to work out!!

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