Data Collection Update

Mar 25, 2019

It seems that people are reluctant to fill out surveys. It has been 2 weeks, and I have gotten 2 data points, nowhere near my original and clearly overly optimistic sample size of 30+ data points. Although this situation doesn’t fall directly under response bias (a phenomenon where subjects’ answers to self-reporting questions are in large part inaccurate), it is indicative of a larger trend of an aversion to surveys, polls, or general questioning.

The patients’ reactions to surveys seem almost understandable, given this day and age of telemarketing, and phone scams. Has an era of spam emails and calls predisposed a generation to be wary of customer outreach strategies?

In a 2001 study (Solomon, David J. “Conducting web-based surveys.” Practical assessment research and evaluation 7.19 (2001)), noted “Internet surveys have significantly lower response rates than comparable mailed surveys. Several factors have been found to increase response rates including personalized email cover letters, follow-up reminders, pre-notification of the intent to survey and simpler formats.”. Granted, the internet has developed significantly since 2001, but the lack of follow ups and reminders may be a reason for the lack of responses on my survey.

I initially chose survey monkey to implement my poll given its convenience with data analysis. But after the dismal response rate, I will be introducing a nudge element into my survey to hopefully increase participation.

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