Week 5: Masternodes

Mar 24, 2019

This week I started learning about masternodes. This is the first concept that I have encountered on my senior project that I was completely unfamiliar with. Now I have a basic idea of how masternodes work, but I still need to learn more before I can consider myself familiar with them.


To do this I’ve read “How I earned almost one Bitcoin with masternodes in three weeks and how you can do the same!”. Despite its clickbait-y title, it gave me a good idea of how you can turn a profit with masternodes, even with limited computer science experience. It did mention that Bitcoin affects the volatility of all other cryptocurrencies, which is something I am planning to look into more.


Another article I read this week was “Blockchain Basics — What is Masternode”, which in my opinion gives a better overview on how to create a masternode and how they work, as well as analyzing the potential risks and benefits of doing so.


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  1. Suraj P. says:

    I suggest defining what a masternode is

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