In Hot Water

Mar 24, 2019

This week was one for reflection appropriate for a particularly stressful time. With all the different facets of my project advancing at different speeds, I was obliged to make a list of priorities and proceed accordingly. My main priority was making sure that the Raspberry Pi I bought for testing was able to establish a secure connection to the cloud and write sensor data accordingly. I combined the ultrasound sensor testing program and the program I wrote for uploading Pi data to the cloud to create a set of commands that continually push usage updates from a local text file to the cloud (using grive for Linux).


After I ensured that the cron job I had written earlier was working properly and my drive was automatically getting updated with information, I decided to resume focus on the front end. I realized that development of my web app was getting delayed because of my inexperience in React/Routing and the complexity of the Firebase authentication library, I decided to transition to Python, which is far more beginner-friendly and server-side rather than client-side, which made the web app formatting and data retrieval process far more intuitive. Within a few days, I managed to sync the app to Google Cloud Services, retrieve manually inputted data from my Cloud Firestore test database, and display it in the form of a table. I am currently playing around with Bokeh, a simple charting/plotting library, and trying to format the database to “GET” sample sensor data and display it in a bar chart.

3 Replies to “In Hot Water”

  1. Travis S. says:

    This is interesting. Have you considered creating a database to better manage all your data (Google Cloud Service is probably not the most efficient way to store it all)? Since you have SQL experience, maybe consider the Oracle SQL Data Developer Modeler tool to help you out.

  2. Vanya B. says:

    It seems like you’ve been working really hard! What exactly is a cron job?

  3. Richa D. says:

    Hi Abhi, it’s great to see that this week was a success in regard to your cron job working and your drive updating. On a different note, I’m interested in seeing the bar chart you plan to create with Bokeh!

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