Week 4: Level Design

Mar 20, 2019

This week was relatively simple; I looked around online for ideas on what my level will be like. The overall theme is for it to be set in a 19th century style mansion, and the way I envisioned it looked something like this:

The general idea is that it’s a brick mansion, simple and rectangular with no intricate edges. Having less polygons constructing my house saves time. I’m using additive Box volumes to construct the basis of my house, then using subtractive Box volumes to create the windows and such. I’m importing doorframes and windowpanes so I can put them into my level. I’m also creating basic animations for opening the doors.

3 Replies to “Week 4: Level Design”

  1. Daniel L. says:

    You are constructing the house… Really impressive. I skipped over this job by downloading a premade asset online.

  2. Alex Y. says:

    When a gamer starts to design games…As a guy who saw some of the amazing projects you’ve done, I’m looking forward to more updates on this one!

  3. Dennis Woo says:

    Can you have a Cayde-6 cameo somewhere pls and preferably with the Colonel 😉

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