REACTing to an Unexpected Hurdle

Mar 17, 2019

This week, I delved deeper into React, learning about some of the intricacies of database access and authorization through Robin Wieruch’s fantastic Road to Learn React + Firebase books. I was following along perfectly until the learning curve became really steep, and before I knew it, I was knee-deep in my program, tracing methods all the way back to App.js in an effort to try to understand the logic and semantics of my application. After talking to my external advisors, I realized that the core of my issue lay in the database system I was using, Realtime Database, and I worked to convert my program to the newer, more advanced Cloud Firestore, also a part of the Google Firebase Cloud Database system. Although I have made significant advances in my program thus far, I am still working out the semantics of GET requests, and trying to understand how to host everything and make the data writing and retrieval process more scalable.


By next week, I will have no choice but to have these problems sorted out, and am planning to take a visit to Lowe’s and Home Depot on Wednesday to create the hardware. After I implement my data write program onto my hall effect water flow sensor and test it, I will order approximately 40 units on Amazon and painstakingly prepare them for the study in 3 weeks.

3 Replies to “REACTing to an Unexpected Hurdle”

  1. Mr. Vermouth says:


    Your project seems to be moving along well. Definitely let me know how the hardware build goes. As far as participants, we have one teacher signed up so far. I will continue asking around to see if we can get more.

  2. Travis S. says:

    bro are you stealing my pun titles >:(

  3. Richa D. says:

    Hi Abhi, keep on persevering on the coding front! I look forward to hearing about your code and hardware construction in your next blog post!

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