Evaluating: Catching Up, Brainstorming, Beginning an End (Week 4)

Mar 17, 2019

Hello everyone! This week, the title of the project has been officially renamed to “Decentralized Secure Data Network: Using Concepts Of Mental Poker” to better describe the project in its entirety. Our concepts derive from the basics of mental poker, and we will take them to create a prototype of a decentralized network.

With much work regarding my previous “mini-projects” with hashing and encryption algorithms, I learnt a lot about the core concepts. Looking at them and seeing how algorithms are implemented by the Java Class, I became interested and took a small detour and explored creating a .JAR library class.

Upon jumping on this idea, I made a simple test library that outputs math functions. The idea was to plug it into another project and try to work them together. After a few days of work, I was able to finish making it, but I realized that there is a lot of abstraction that goes to this work. For that reason, I decided to backtrack to directly making a decentralized authenticator, and then separate the core into a separate library if time permits.

2 Replies to “Evaluating: Catching Up, Brainstorming, Beginning an End (Week 4)”

  1. Arshia S. says:

    What was your other project and how were you planning on using them together?

    1. Vidur G. says:

      Hi Arshia,

      Actually, the idea is to make a reusable and abstract library that anyone can use (which houses the mental poker and rest of crypto). Then, I would create a decentralized authenticator using that library.

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