Week 4: Xamarin IOS

Mar 13, 2019

Hello everyone!! This past week, I continued to develop my date/time picker on Xamarin Studios through Android. I was able to implement a working date/time picker on the Android version but instead of implementing a sliding feature, it used a +/- feature. The images below show the final version of the pickers. Afterward, I was then notified by my external advisor that I needed to implement a date/time picker in IOS as well, which I wasn’t aware of before. This meant more video¬†tutorials and reading¬†documentation in order to learn how to use Xamarin Studios with IOS. Even though both platforms run using C#, there was still some key differences in running IOS applications in Xamarin vs using Android. After spending a couple of days running small projects through IOS, I started working on a date/time picker that implemented the sliding feature. The images below show my progress so far.

This image below shows how the application looks on Android phones. The Android emulator below helps me in tracking the progress of my application.

This next image shows how the Date/Time Picker is depicted in the IOS format. The “Select Date” button allows me to enter the date picked from the slider into a different text box.¬†

Thank you for reading my blog post! Next week, I will be looking to improve the UI for the IOS application and make it similar to how I created it on Android Studios a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. Daniel L. says:

    Sometimes, the most challenging tasks are small adjustments in programming. It is surprising that a simple time/date picker can be that complex.

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