Week 3: Possum Diets Are… Interesting

Mar 12, 2019

Week 3 at WCSV was hectic. Busy season is slowly upon us with all the squirrel and bird babies falling out of their nests. More and more large animals were also being brought in such as owls, hawks, possums, and turkeys.

One of the possums brought in had grown into a cable tie that she was caught in during her juvenile years. It was wrapped around her chest and back completely lacerating the area. Not only was she extensively injured, but she also had to be placed in quarantine for maggots and roundworm. Along with this possum were three others in the ISO Room (isolation room). They were admitted for a variety of reasons ranging from fecal worms, to being hit by a car, to emaciation. To provide these possums with the utmost care and nutrition, I would prepare plates mainly consisting of one hardboiled egg, 3 smelt (fish), 3 small mice, and a cup of different fruits and vegetables (they would literally die for persimmons). Most of these possums had to be medicated twice a day and taken in for a daily bandage change, which I would assist the vet tech in.

During my third week, a ginormous turkey was brought in. After its intake exam, it was determined to be unusually friendly, walking up to people with no fear or signs of stress. Turns out this animal was admitted for no reason, which shows how people often bring in animals that are perfectly healthy. This animal was also not “wild” enough to be brought in to a wildlife rehabilitation center as he was in fact someones pet. Many people will often bring in squirrels that they find on the ground because the mother has left them for one hour at maximum trying to individually move them to the new nest. People will confuse them as orphans and bring them into the center to be cared for. At this point, the mistake has been made and the babies cannot return to their original location as the mother has most likely left.

For week 4, I am hoping to pick a species I can focus on as more animals are admitted.

4 Replies to “Week 3: Possum Diets Are… Interesting”

  1. Vivian L. says:

    Your project sounds so fun because I also LOVE animals!

    1. Sameena C. says:

      yay I love it

  2. Mr. A says:

    It really seems like you’re getting to make a difference in helping often-neglected animals, which is really great. Also, that possum’s diet doesn’t sound too bad…

    1. Sameena C. says:

      how about one day you visit and ill make you a possum plate. tell me how it tastes AHAHHA

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