Week 3 Update

Mar 11, 2019

Hello from Republic Urban again, and things have been going quite well around here!

Anyway, this past week was fairly quiet, with that loan-calculation going fairly smoothly, if somewhat thanks to the spreadsheet formulas I used to calculate the loan’s prepayment premiums (AKA the fee Republic has to pay if we want to repay our loan early)/

Also, Spartan Heights has been going quite well so far — the only hiccup we’ve had is that we have to find a new location to move the Victorian houses on the development site, since the owner was rather intractable. However, we’ve narrowed down a number of new sites to look at, and I’m excited to see what it all brings!

See you all soon!
– Brandon

2 Replies to “Week 3 Update”

  1. Richa D. says:

    Hi Brandon, it’s great to hear that the loan calculation and Spartan Heights have both been going well. It’s unfortunate that you have to find a new location for the Victorian houses, but I look forward to hearing about the new sites in your next blog post!

  2. Mr. A says:

    The Spartan Heights project seems really cool. Will you get to have a hand in reviewing/choosing the new site location?

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