Week 3: Preliminary Numbers from RenewMD

Mar 11, 2019
  • 90% female clients
  • Laser Hair Removal is 30% of our sales
  • Injectables is 10%
  • Skin care products (this is my private line of skin care) comprise 10%
  • Weight loss is 10%
  • Body sculpting (fat melting and coolsculpting) is 20%
  • Skin resurfacing ( removal of acnes scars, wrinkles, dark spots) is 20%

Although these numbers are relatively consistent with averages from the aesthetics industry as a whole, there is a possibility that RenewMD’s location in Silicon Valley — specifically in Fremont, can be a contributing factor in higher and lower percentages of certain procedures. This is merely a hypothesis — one that will be evaluated after the survey* data is made available.

From first glances — the percentage of Injectables was lower than expected. Additionally skin resurfacing, and Body Sculpting levels were higher than expected. Examining the age range of RenewMD patients will allow for a justification of these numbers.

*The survey has been modified as per feedback, and has a preliminary sample size of 30+ RenewMD clients: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DVXBJWZ

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