Week 3 – Data + Data cleansing

Mar 11, 2019


In week 3, I received the data from the networking switch series. I will spend the next couple of weeks trying to create a Net promoter score for the networking switches. For the data, I started to cleanse the data via python. Additionally, I worked with various data scientists to understand the primary use of the Net promoter score and the benefits Tableau – a data visualization program – in data organization and visualization. Also, through the course of week 3, I further understood how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

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3 Replies to “Week 3 – Data + Data cleansing”

  1. Mr. A says:

    What does it mean to cleanse the data? Is it just refining the raw data down to what you actually need?

  2. Rohit P. says:

    How much of the data existed after being cleaned out? Wouldn’t expect much.

  3. Akhil V. says:

    I’m glad your project is continuing smoothly. I’m excited to see how it continues.

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