Week 3: Blockchain pt.1

Mar 11, 2019

Hi all,

While last week I learned about limit orders, this week I started learning about the basics of the blockchain. The core of my project is analyzing the security of cryptocurrency data as well as the ease and versatility of the types of transactions it can be used for. Therefore, it was imperative that I learned about blockchain, even though not all cryptocurrencies utilize it.

I have begun reading web articles and watching videos to learn about what data goes into a single block, how they are connected together, how they are approved, and the effects of changes in data. I also watched a couple of TED talks about the possibility for blockchain to expand beyond the finance and banking industry. Although these talks are a bit dated, it was still pretty interesting to watch and pointed me in the direction about how parts of my project could be expanded to industries beyond finance and data science.

This coming week, I will be learning more about blockchain and learning about proof of work and proof of stake. My next blog post will be more informative and summarize what I learned in these weeks, so stay tuned for that.

2 Replies to “Week 3: Blockchain pt.1”

  1. Vivek S. says:

    Seems like it would be a pretty big breakthrough for blockchain (primarily something used in finance I presume) to be applied in other industries.

  2. Suraj P. says:

    Since you are analyzing its versatility:

    What is the name of the cryptocurrency Ecofund makes, and how versatile is their currency? How easy is it to trade money to one another? Does it require an app?

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