Week 3: The Plan

Mar 10, 2019


This week my primary focus was to:

  1. Set up an Environment in PyCharm CE
    1. To set up my environment, my external advisor and I met with another engineer who specializes in software development. He walked me through the basic documentation and explained the most efficient ways to carry out tasks on PyCharm CE.
  2. Plan out logistics of WHAT I want to actually analyze:
    1. Factors will be the following:
      1. Artist Familiarity vs. Song Hotness

      2. Artist Longitude vs. Song Hotness

      3. Predicted Song Hotness vs. Spotify Hotness
        1. Essentially, I will calculate a number out of 1 which determines whether a song is “hot” or not. I will cross-check this calculation with Spotify’s open API to see if my model actually works.

Till next week

Swarit 🙂

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