Melanoma Week 3

Mar 10, 2019

This week was by far the most stressful yet. Friday night, while annotating my 4th or 5th slide, I stayed up late and fell asleep on my computer. I woke up to find it dead, and when it restarted, all of my progress from the entire week was gone, with the exception of some initial annotations made on the first slide. I was in a panic, trying aimlessly to recover my lost files. I learned the hard way that Fiji does not autosave progress. This lesson is DEFINITELY going to stick with me through the rest of the project. I was definitely very frustrated, but it was  an important lesson. I started over, and told my external advisor about the mishap. He told me to move past it and start over.


Other than the annotations, I worked on more R coding language quizzes. My external advisor makes these quizzes himself, so I don’t know my understanding until he has responded with my results. I’m still waiting on the results for the third lesson, but for the first two, I faired well. I look forward to mastering R so I can better understand his QSI algorithm. He says it’s a lot to try to do before May, but the goal is to have a final presentation representative of more than just my monotonous annotations which have not produced much evidence for hidden substages as of yet.


Hopefully I’ll be able to get through more slides next week and actually have them to show. I’ll make sure to remember to hit save every 10 minutes or so to ensure that I don’t have to deal with this mess again!

4 Replies to “Melanoma Week 3”

  1. Mabel Ho says:

    Definitely tragic just reading about it! I can’t imagine losing all my work. At my lab, we tend to use USB to save our work, maybe try that? Looking forward to next week’s slides.


  2. Ivana B says:

    Research is a lot of do-overs, don’t get discouraged!

  3. Abhiraam W. says:

    I can definitely relate to your saving frustration—having to redo everything sucks, but you’ll easily move past this roadblock. Keep working at it, your research is exciting and definitely worth it!

  4. Maggie H. says:

    Oh no! Well better you learn this now than later on, right? It’s good that you can get past it.

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