A (Fire)Basic Application

Mar 10, 2019

I received my flow rate sensor adapter units on Tuesday, and much to my dismay, they were misaligned, and the female end of the sensor-pipe adapter was considerably smaller than the diameter of the shower output. I was obliged to box them up for returns, and immediately gathered the right measurements for reordering on Amazon. With my hardware efforts stalled, I set to work on the software side of my project, which I began last week.


My senior project external advisor, Mr. David Laone, was extremely helpful in charting out a detailed framework for my project as a whole, and I left the office on Thursday with a thorough understanding of the software necessary for creating a basic application for gathering, storing, managing, and implementing sensor data from the Raspberry Pi. The sensors themselves will have to output a data stream consisting of the total water output from any given appliance (in-home shower or faucet head) in milliliters, as well as the duration of time the appliance was ON along with the starting timestamp. By Tuesday, I will have a webpage that prints out raw data from a dummy “sensor” in the form of an HTML table. From there, I have to learn how to program the Raspberry Pi to send data to the database and how to make the database “listen” via HTTP GET commands.


I have begun gathering participants for the study portion of my project, and will send out a formal request for volunteers next week. All three portions of my project will have to come together simultaneously for the results to be representative and holistic, as intended.

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  1. Richa D. says:

    Abhi, I’m sorry to hear that the hardware side of your project has come to a halt for now, but it’s great that you’ve come up with a solid plan for your software efforts!

  2. Brandon B. says:

    Ouch; don’t you just hate it when the shippers mess up their orders?
    Anyway, what I’m wondering is how you’re going to isolate the electronics from the water they control; what kind of water seals or insulation are you planning to use to protect the Pi motherboard from the elements?

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