#4 – emails & manual labor

Mar 10, 2019

Hello reader!

Who knew transcribing could be such a pain?

I thought the manual labor that is transcribing my audio recording would be something relaxing or even strangely comforting, since everything else in my project requires either thinking or talking to people, but no, I was completely wrong. At first, I estimated that 45 minutes of recording would take around two hours to type. I typed for 20 minutes and barely finished 5 minutes of recording, so I took my frustration to my support group (AKA senior project group) in the form of text message rants.

Rithvik, being the angel he was, recommended me a software and made things a lot easier. It still took me hours to finish the transcript, but I guess this is an unavoidable aspect of my project. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Additionally, I was able to schedule interviews. One person was so excited that he actually responded in three exclamation marks after I clarified my purpose and was eager to set up the interview, which made me very happy. Many people have not responded, but I’ll wait until Monday to reach out again, since I’m not sure how frequently they check emails. Next week, besides an interview in SF, I am trying to schedule two more interviews with my coworkers at an art studio, since many of them graduated from art schools and have connections in the bay. I also plan to call a couple of local art organizations and see if they are willing to help. While we’re on the topic of art studio, I was actually quite busy this week helping to prepare for an upcoming art show at Saratoga Library, which opens this Monday. Please check it out if you can!

Stay tuned for next week’s progress!


7 Replies to “#4 – emails & manual labor”

  1. Samyukta I. says:

    transcribing is genuinely the worst and made me suffer :,) good job securing the interviews and i’m excited to see how they go!

  2. Abby W. says:

    where is my interview email 🙁 i can give you four exclamation points. art and interview queen!!!

    1. Vivian L. says:

      you gave me 3, so im pulling out my invitation

  3. Ms. McLean says:

    Oh Vivian, if you think typing is manual labor, don’t try to work construction or gardening! I will says that transcribing was one of my least favorite tasks when I worked in research–I’m jealous that there’s readily available software to help now!

  4. Ivana B says:

    I am happy to hear the “support group” is working out. I am pretty proud of how I put the groups together. 🙂 Can we have more info about the art show?

  5. Serina K. says:

    good luck my dude

  6. Samrit M. says:

    Nice work Vivian :))

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