Week 3: Xamarinnnnnn

Mar 07, 2019

Hello, welcome back to my SP blog!! So last week, I was in LA so I only got 3-4 days to work. I had finished creating my date/time picker on Android Studios last week and now my external advisor wanted me to create a more complex model on Xamarin Studios, something I have never used and runs through C#, which I have never learned. So I spent most of my time watching tutorial videos to get familiar with Xamarin studios, which turned out to be pretty similarĀ to Android Studios. I spent the last two days developing the date/time picker and I was able to create a model that was NOT what my advisor wanted.

This is what my advisor wanted. (Yah he wants the IOS picker to be made in Android)

This is what I developed so far.

For the next week, I’m going to work on fixing this model so that it uses a sliding feature and has one slider to adjust the time and date simultaneously. Even though this will be challenging, I was able to do it in Android Studios, so I’m confident to have this task done by theĀ end of next week. Thanks!

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  1. Daniel L. says:

    Hi Rishi,
    Your struggle in learning a new program system is so relatable. That is also one of my great issues in my project as well. Can’t wait to see your progress!

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