Week 2: Brainstorming and Setup

Mar 05, 2019

This week, I brainstormed several different niches and eventually had to narrow down and pick one. Once I choose the niche, I spent time doing product research and deciding which products to stock in my store. The next phase was deciding on a name for my store.

Afterward, I went about building my store from scratch on Shopify. I created a business email, opened up a bank account, and set up a Paypal account for online transactions. I then followed up with opening my free two week trial on Shopify, adding themes, adding products, adding the pricing, grouping the products into collections, and changing some of the settings so that customers would get free shipping. Everyone love FREE SHIPPING!

One of the most time-consuming tasks was writing up the product descriptions for EACH and EVERY item. I had to take time by reflecting on the ideal customer for the product, and then wording the description to encourage sales. Along with all this, I continued reading “Blue Ocean Strategy.”

There was a great feeling of accomplishment after I had finished. I feel as though things are coming to life (moving from video watching to website creation).

Until next week,

Suraj Pai

2 Replies to “Week 2: Brainstorming and Setup”

  1. Vivek S. says:

    Wow. I applaud your dedication!

  2. Ishani S. says:

    Sounds like a very interesting project. Did the free shipping have an effect on how you priced your products?

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