Week 2: AI in Fashion

Mar 05, 2019

In my second week, I got all my clearances to begin working at the digital center. I was given my own key card and Macbook, as well as an account as an official Kohl’s “Consultant.” I set up my timesheet account on Planview and began booking meetings with the engineers and scientists who would guide me through my project.

After expressing my project goals with them, we came up with the idea of researching the product and operational strategies of other companies and learning of how they use technologies to aid in these strategies (such as AI in design). The product strategies are the methods with which companies decide what to make, usually based on analysis of their consumer base and of trends (this is a place where big data is used); the operational strategies are the ways in which the product is then manufactured, marketed, and how they know how much to produce, who to market to, etc.

In beginning this research, I am looking at how major clothing retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, and even Amazon develop their private/in-house brands, a long process which could be made simpler by artificially intelligent sorting and data compiling program *cough cough* This took up most of my week, but it was insightful to learn about the similarities between many of the strategies these companies are using; the really unique strategies are usually private information however, which is why I’m unable to see the specific techniques that are making each of these retailers successful. My next step will be to look into their operational strategies.

I didn’t get around to finishing Overdressed, but I have read a plethora of business and tech articles. I hope to finish the book in a couple of weeks though. As for next week, I have booked my meetings with the data scientists to see exactly what they do and all the ways they use data analytics technology at Kohl’s. This should give me some more hands-on learning experience, which I am looking forward to.

2 Replies to “Week 2: AI in Fashion”

  1. Samrit M. says:

    This looks like a super cool start to your project! I’m excited to see how these clothing companies develop their brands.

  2. Abby W. says:

    Rad! I look forward to seeing the diff types of strategies for these businesses, and how they decide what to make (sometimes I see a design and I wonder why anyone would think that would sell. so)

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