Week 2: Working with Dancers

Mar 04, 2019

During the second week, I collected data, completed some readings, and worked on the first draft of the final paper.

First, I approached dancers at a jazz class at Evergreen Valley College. After realizing that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration (e.g. race, age, years of previous experience), I created a survey for all future participants of the study to complete.After asking other dance studios for volunteers, I compiled the list of participants. As of now, there are seventy participants from dance teams in Stanford, BISV, the Aditya Patel Company, and Dance Identity. My goal is to have a hundred participants.

Here is a summary of the week’s readings:

5 Reasons Why Music Boosts Brain Activity

I learned about the effects that music has on Alzheimer’s patients. Music has the ability to evoke emotional responses, thus proving to help patients have brief memories. Additionally, music helps reduce the risk for depression and enhances memory.

Art Enhances Brain Function and Well-Being

This article discussed some of the known benefits of art. Art has the ability to change the change the brain, reduce the risk for depression, and benefit overall well-being. Some of these findings were confirmed through analysis of Da Vinci’s brain. Additionally, the science of creativity is not understood but proves to be critical in studying art.

These readings along with last week’s helped me write the first draft of the introduction of my paper. Feedback from both my mentors along with more information gained through readings will help modify this initial draft.

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3 Replies to “Week 2: Working with Dancers”

  1. Ms. McLean says:

    Glad to hear you are getting more participants and I will get back to you about your intro draft today for sure!

  2. Dennis Woo says:

    It’s great to hear that you have so many participants! Your project is really interesting, and I love the fact that you plan to use the findings to help patients with dementia and other diseases. Looking forward to reading your next blog post.

  3. Ray L. says:

    It’s great that you are aiming to gather a large group of data with a lot of participants. I think those two articles bring a very good point that art does have a lot of effect on the brain and possibly with jogging memories. Wondering since dance has both movement (physical “art) and music (mental “art”) does it have double the effect

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