Week 2: Math, General Plans,

Mar 04, 2019

Hello to everyone from Republic Urban Properties!

Well, last week was quite exciting for me, what with all the projects I have on my bucket list right now!

Anyway, here goes —

First of all, I’ve been getting even more involved in the projects that my coworkers (first time I’ve ever said that before!) at Republic have been pulling off. I’ve upgraded from reformatting meeting agendas and transcribing property contracts to now, going over the vector calculus behind the loan for a property we’ll be selling soon called LINQ. I knew that I would be using many of my school skills as a Republic Intern, but I never expected to use them so soon or so directly!

Another project I’ve been working on is for the SJSU student housing project (Spartan Heights, 4th and St. John) that I mentioned in my last blogpost. While the property itself is mostly an empty parking lot, there are two Victorian houses dating back to at least the 1890s on the property’s Northwest corner that have proven to be a problem for the project. As an avid lover of history, I was therefore relieved when RUP’s leader, Michael, proposed that Republic move the houses to another small plot of land right next to Spartan Heights. The benefits of this are twofold, preserving these monuments to San Jose’s long-gone farming past while also allowing for these houses to be creatively reused as community space, such as transitional homeless housing, offices for local charities, or even just a simple kitchen! My role as Republic’s intern is to review San Jose’s 2040 General Plan and zoning laws, determining whether or not repurposing these building would be legal in Downtown San Jose and if not, the overall zoning changes needed to make it happen.

Finally, thanks to all the people who have reviewed my blog so far! I’m really glad to have your support!

Can’t wait to talk to all of you soon.

With warm regards,



5 Replies to “Week 2: Math, General Plans,”

  1. Doan Y. says:

    This project is so interesting. Bet you did not imagine you would need to know so much in real estate. I look forward to hearing your final proposals for the Victorian houses.

  2. Abhiraam W. says:

    Hi Brandon,

    It’s really cool that you’re able to implement your knowledge from school to a legitimate real estate planning initiative. In addition, you’re effectively synthesizing your love of history with your experiences at the internship, which will effectively cement your passion for the work that you’re doing. Super exciting stuff—keep it up!


  3. Francine Davis says:

    Brandon – This is so awesome that you are involved in research that will show how private entities can help mitigate San Jose’s housing crisis which impacts so many! With current proposals to create more dormitory space living I am interested to learn if there are other ideas that might be more viable for our community.

    Keep me posted!

    Mrs. Davis

  4. Ivana B says:

    Brandon, please tell the good people of Republic that you can’t take a full time job there before you finish college. 🙂

  5. Richa D. says:

    Brandon, it’s great to hear that the skills you acquired at school are being directly applied to your project! Also, I look forward to learning if those buildings can be repurposed!

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