Week 2 – Regular expressions and Tableau Reader

Mar 03, 2019

Hey guys,

I started working on regular expressions, and I started to understand the mechanisms of Tableau reader – a tool that aids the calculation of the Net Promoter Score and allows for the visualization of data. I applied python regular expressions and chain of responsibility on a “regex.yaml” file. I refreshed on my python skills by taking classes in Udemy and codecademy.

During week 2, I started to familiarize myself with Tableau Desktop, which is a powerful business intelligence and data visualization tool that has a very intuitive user interface. Tableau makes processes more efficient and better by helping understand the data better, grasp concepts and identify patterns. In Tableau, I worked on several assignments relating to the differences between dimensions, measurements, and attributes – and whether they are continuous or discrete. I will continue to explore the mechanisms of Tableau to effectively implement the NPS system. I will also continue to become proficient in Tableau, understanding the differences between measurements, dimensions, and attributes. Additionally, I will spend an entire week working with discrete and continuous functions to achieve my initial goal – to become proficient with Tableau. In week 3, I hope to work on documenting and cleansing my data via python

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2 Replies to “Week 2 – Regular expressions and Tableau Reader”

  1. Rohit P. says:

    Python must give you a great feel for the computer science background of your project

  2. Akhil V. says:

    Yeah, I agree with Rohit in that Python is by far the best programming choice for this project. It is simplistic in its methodical and inherent nature, yet it allows for powerful conceptual programming for calculations.

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