Week 2: Nesterly

Mar 01, 2019

This week was Ski week so I spent most of the week up in Tahoe. I brought my research book along with me to read however, it was difficult to find the time. Since we left Wednesday Morning I was able to work the first two days on research. Most of it was spent reading the research book and looking online for resources and stories. While researching online I found a company called Nesterly.


Nesterly is primarily out of Boston and their mission statement is to tackle the two big challenges of housing affordability and aging in place with one simple solution – intergenerational home sharing. This website has an almost identical project. So I have contacted them about moving out here to the Bay Area. I am going to continue to follow this up and will report about it each week.


4 Replies to “Week 2: Nesterly”

  1. Ivana B says:

    Finiding this company is just a proof that your idea was great. I hope they respond soon.

  2. Athena L. says:

    Hi Cole!

    Hope you had fun on your trip in Tahoe! Your project sounds like it will be an enriching experience for both involved parties, and it will be interesting to see how it turns out! Getting Nesterly to help with your project would be extremely beneficial, as it’s always great to have an organization backing you. I hope they will or have gotten back to you already! I look forward to seeing how this project goes!

  3. Sowmya K. says:

    When I read your other post, it was a really nice story, and I think your project is really going to be an eye-opener and great opportunity! And then, with this company that you found, if they do move to the Bay Area and help you out with this project, that would take an already amazing project to a whole different level. Good Luck! I can’t wait to keep reading.

  4. Shikha H. says:

    I hope you had fun in Tahoe!

    I love the idea of intergenerational home sharing! I think that it’s a great idea and the fact that you were able to find a company that has the same goals as you is amazing. If Nesterly does decide to move to the Bay Area, your project would be a whole new level!!!!

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