Week 2: Clinic Progress and Even More Reading

Feb 26, 2019

So, this week, I was supposed to look at Census data to figure out where the mobile clinic will be operating each week, but since I’m not just going to be looking at San Jose data, I gathered the data from all of the other cities and places to read this new week. In my previous entry, I talked about Alameda and Pescadero as the target places because of their high homeless and migrant worker population, but when I talked to my outside advisor, she wanted me to compile homelessness statistics and current mobile clinic routes of operation to make sure we don’t overlap with a different clinic, so I’m going to go back and look through that.

My outside advisor wants me to put together presentations to get funding for the clinic. There is one clinic that operates in San Mateo, and this one gets its sponsorship from Samsung. So, my outside advisor wants me to look at stats of homelessness in different counties? cities? regions? to figure out where we are going to operate and then put together two or three sets of presentations to deliver to companies to get funding. Two or three sets? That’s because we don’t know how long they’ll give us to speak. These people at these companies could be like “you have five minutes” or they could be all like “details please!” and then expect a 30 minute presentation. So I need to get those presentations done.

Aside from readings, this week was a lot of talking. We talked about my outside advisor’s experience in running a mobile clinic in the Philippines. So that entailed things like what kind of staffing and how many teams would we need. For example, 1 NP, 2 drivers(including alternate), 1 full time or 2 part time doctors etc.(That kind of thing). We talked about where the bus would come from, and right now we’re thinking about the Ford Foundation. From what we’ve read, it seems that the Ford Foundation does donate buses for social causes like this one, so we’re looking into it. Basically, it was an application of what she had done overseas with what needs to be done over here.

Here’s a snapshot of what I’m going to be learning this coming week. 1. Putting together my presentations for the companies. 2. Interview Questions compiling(three weeks worth of interviews coming up- doctors and government officials).

My outside advisor and I didn’t get a chance to talk about this but I had a realization. If something happens when we are running the clinic, who’s going to be responsible? Us? At hospitals, when patients are admitted, do they sign any sort of waiver? Now that I think about it, I don’t really know anything about this process. Wow. But there probably is some sort of insurance or waiver or something along those lines that needs to be in place. Right? Probably. I’m going go figure that out now.

Thank you for reading!

3 Replies to “Week 2: Clinic Progress and Even More Reading”

  1. Helena Vervoort says:

    Interesting things you are doing already! I am happy to hear your external advisor is so heavily involved. You last questions is a good one to aks her. I am curious what she will say about it. And good to hear you are jumping right into the biggest chunk of your work: getting the mobile clinic!

    Good reading!


  2. Shikha H. says:

    Hey Sowmya!

    It’s amazing how much you’re doing already!!! It’s great that you will be contacting companies. That will be so great for your project! It’s great that you will also be interviewing people and getting the mobile clinic!!!

  3. Athena L. says:

    Hi Sowmya!

    Sorry for not commenting earlier, I didn’t see yours! (I’m blind, I know) Anyways, you’ve done a lot! Good luck with contacting all those companies, and doing three sets of presentations sounds like it’ll be really difficult….but I know you can do it! It sounds like your foundations for getting the clinic up and running are going really well, and it’s really awesome that your outside advisor has already run a mobile clinic before, so it’ll be a smoother process for you! (right?) Good luck with the interviews (if they haven’t already happened, and if they did, then I hope they went well!) and I hope that everything will go well!

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