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Feb 25, 2019


Welcome back to the blog.

I hope that you are having the absolute greatest day of your life and that your wildest wish comes true today at 12:00 AM.

My wildest wish was to make good progress on my research project. And guess what? It came true.

Over the past week, I met with my advisor and set forth a viable plan with which to conduct my research. I had initially believed that my research methodology was foolproof, but my mentor quickly broke down my method into its component parts and proved to me that I have much to learn. After incorporating her wisdom and feedback into my revised methodology, I re-presented it to my advisor, and she gave me the green light to research until I knocked myself out.

I have surveyed the literature extensively, and it became evident to me that the issue of farmer suicides is far more prevalent than I had initially suspected. It has been heartbreaking to read anecdote after anecdote only to discover that none of these farmers had a happy ending. I truly hope that the superpowers of the world can come together and make a climate change agreement strong enough to both stand the test of time and allow people to be happy. It is unfortunate that farmers and other such individuals must endure such pain simply due to the fact that more privileged individuals are unable to compromise, and I hope that my research will bring to light the plight of an entire demographic.

Upon watching several Indian news reports and reading several stories, it became clear to me that hate crimes are a seemingly “normal” part of day-to-day life in contemporary India. These hate crimes are, a large portion of the time, motivated either by politics or religion. After realizing this, I decided that my research would focus on proving the existence of a link between climate change and hate crimes–specifically those that are either politically or religiously motivated.

I began to read several papers in the literature that proved the existence of a link between climate change and other variables including globalization and human rights. However, I did not find one that focused on climate change and hate crimes, proving the existence of a legitimate gap in the academic literature that my research can fill. Furthermore, I’ve encountered a number of studies from Pew Research that grapple with the idea of restrictions on both religious and political freedom in India. For the past several years, they have rated the degree to which individuals all over the world experience restrictions on both their religious and political freedoms. Understanding the intricacies of their methodology was quite fascinating. It appears they utilize a predefined set of questions to rate every country in the world on a scale of 1 to 10, and the ways in which they are able to quantify concepts as abstract as political and religious freedom are absolutely breathtaking. In order to further my understanding of hate crimes, I’ve been reading one book in particular: In the Name of Hate: Understanding Hate Crimes 1st Edition. It’s very intriguing; if you have the time, check it out.

Ultimately, I have been reading up quite a bit on others’ works pertaining to climate change and freedom (specifically political and religious freedom) in India. With the progress I’ve made in these past two weeks, I feel that I have set a very strong foundation for myself.

Have a look at this GIF; it will scare the living daylights out of you.

2 Replies to “Run It Back”

  1. Vibha G. says:

    Although I’m incredibly saddened by the stories of the farmer suicides and the alarming rate of climate change, it’s really amazing that you’re conducting a research project to fill that gap and potentially bring greater awareness to the issue!

  2. Jennifer Z. says:

    The anecdotes you shared were quite alarming. I’m sure most of us would never have associated climate change with religious/political freedom, but the connection is apparent from what you’ve found. Excited to see your finalized presentation!

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