week one

Feb 22, 2019

Hi guys, I’m going to be working with code and genes!

The first week of my senior project consisted of reading research papers to familiarize myself with the terminology and to learn more about genetics. There’s a really cool Genome Browser from UCSC that I’m going to get data from.


That’s a sample of what the browser looks like when retrieving information for human chromosome 1 (hg38).

I’m going to be dealing with repeats in the human genome, specifically with transposable elements (TEs or transposons or “jumping genes”). A TE is essentially a sequence of DNA that has moved to a different location in the genome, hence the “transpose” in its name. TEs have long been considered useless but now researchers are looking more into their existence and their impacts on DNA. In these next few months, I’m going to be using code to analyze the repeats in human genes.

See you in my next post!

4 Replies to “week one”

  1. Eva P. says:

    Hi Cindy! Your project sounds really cool (I’ve never heard of TEs before – the fact that parts of the DNA can shift is so incredible)! Do you know if TEs are linked to diseases? That would be interesting to analyze.

  2. alexisjefferson says:

    I’m curious to know what your plans for writing a program will be: what language do you intend to use; what do you hope this program to do? Very interesting research!

    1. alexisjefferson says:

      I see now that I became lost while reading the blogs and didn’t see your first page. All my questions have been answered.

      I am still excited to see how/what you code.

  3. Ivana B says:

    I like the screenshoot! I am curiuos to find out what you discover.

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