Week 1- Beginning My Research

Feb 21, 2019

During the first week of my senior project, I first began reading the book “Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing” to review how Natural Language Processing (NLP) works. I also familiarized myself with my summer project code to review what I have done over the summer and apply these concepts for my senior project. I have made some minor modifications to my code to make it more accurate and faster.

The main goal of my senior project is to identify the main topic of news articles published on the Internet using machine learning and NLP. I will collect most of my data by testing many articles and see how accurate my program is. I will use this data to figure out how I should make changes to my program to make it better using the Stanford CoreNLP library. By the end of my senior project, I want to be able to understand the field of machine learning as it applies to NLP and be able to learn how to use open source NLP libraries such as the Stanford CoreNLP library.


3 Replies to “Week 1- Beginning My Research”

  1. Serina K. says:

    That’s super cool Shreyas! I love how you’re using the Stanford CoreNLP library to your advantage!

  2. Anish M. says:

    Very nice, Shreyas! I’m interested in seeing how you use Stanford’s CoreNLP.

  3. Ryan S. says:

    It’s cool how your project is both technical yet very applicable, considering all of the news that is distributed throughout the internet these days. I can’t wait to see where your project goes!

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