Ms. Burhan

Teaching Fellow

Ms. Burhan received both a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento. She has also earned the TEFL/TESOL certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Although Ms. Burhan is a Teaching Fellow at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley and spends time in the classroom, you will primarily find her assisting the Academic Programs Department. She has proven to be an immeasurable resource in Administration, helping to create and organize exams, entering class data, and just generally doing a lot of the behind the scenes work the Academic Programs team.

Ms. Burhan worked at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley previously, so when she had the opportunity to come back to the Bay Area, she knew that she wanted to reconnect with the school. Ms. Burhan appreciates what the school has to offer its students. She went on to explain “The fact that they have such rigorous course work, and that they are so enthusiastic and passionate about at such a young age is awesome. They have such strong support on campus, that our students may pursue their varied interests while they are allowed to grow and challenge themselves.”

Outside of work, she enjoys taking long road trips, spending time with family, binge watching shows, and cooking. Fun fact: She was born and raised in California, and had never left the country (or state for that matter!) up until last year. Over the last year Ms. Burhan has spent several months living in Texas and in Turkey! She said that they were both wonderful experiences “but there’s no place like home!”