Mr. Lucas

Facilities Manager

Immediately following graduation from Leland High School in 1982, Mr. Lucas went directly into the United States Navy, where he served for four years. He obtained flight crew status while tracking submarines and as a water rescue swimmer. Mr. Lucas soon switched over to Flight Deck Director aboard the first nuclear carrier, USS Enterprise. It was there that he took off as a leader, always looking to advance. He received several awards and letters of Commendation for saving lives of fellow crewman, as well as going above and beyond with implementing new systems of launch and recovery of aircraft, which are still in use today.


As the Facilities Manager, Mr. Lucas takes great pride in ensuring that buildings, grounds, and equipment meet the highest standards of safety, appearance, and functionality for our students, staff, and parents. “I also work hard to create an effective team that will help BASIS Independent succeed and grow for the future,” says Mr. Lucas.

 “I enjoy the facilities aspect of the education field,” he says. “Being able to join a growing school organization is a welcomed and exciting challenge that I am proud to be a part of.”


Mr. Lucas and his wife are avid fans of physical activity. “I love to play hockey, softball, and golf,” he says. When the weather is nice, he enjoys skiing and wakeboarding.