Ms. Yearling

Director of Auxiliary and Summer Programs

Ms. Yearling comes to BASIS Independent from a career in recruiting for Fortune 500 companies and a Big 4 accounting firm, later entering academia in admissions for a medical and nursing school. With friends' children attending flagship school BASIS Scottsdale, Ms. Yearling became very aware of our reputation and goals.

"The winning combination of passionate teachers who are invested in their students, and students who thrive on being challenged is an intoxicating mix," said Mrs. Yearling, adding, "I've always hoped for my children to have this educational experience and was thrilled to learn that BASIS Independent Silicon Valley has found roots in the Bay Area." She achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology at UC Davis.

She enjoys enriching the student body with opportunities to explore different interests while cultivating friendships through extracurricular programs, knowing that the staff is as determined as the faculty to give students the best educational journey possible.