Ms. Shapiro

Director of Communications

Ms. Shapiro attended San Jose State University and earned a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Behavioral Science.

Ms. Shapiro began working at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley in Admissions, and has since transitioned into the Director of Communications role.  She loves interacting with students and parents, and is thrilled to be able to particpate in our amazing academic community on a daily basis. Ms. Shapiro has learned amazing things from our students on campus, and is inspired by them regularly.

Ms. Shapiro comes from a family of educators who taught her that education is one of the most important things in life. The BASIS Independent philosophy resonates with her, and she feels especially proud to work with a faculty who are so excited about their craft.

When Ms. Shapiro is not at work, she can often be found bending to the whim of her two year old daughter. When she can, she sneaks away and reads anything she can get her hands on from fiction to cook books. 


Fun Fact: Ms. Shapiro became a red head for a Halloween costume when she was a sophomore in high school and has never been inclined to go back!